Sunday, August 26, 2012

3 Views from alongside a 3 mile block of 3 highways.

 From the bend in the road, where Main Street becomes Alpine Hwy.  Across the street from Burgess Orchards.  The field in the foreground is that of the late W. Grant Bangertor.  Notice the Wild Potawatomi Plums growing over the fence.  

From 11000 North in Highland Utah.  Timpanogos Hwy.  (incidentally the road that goes up AF Canyon from Highland must have a half dozen or so different names already.)  

On 4800 West in Highland or south Canyon Crest Road Alpine,  Several yards south of city border.  Sunflowers with the mouth of American Fork Canyon in Background. 

Along Three Mines Trail

This is just a little ways up the Three Mines Trail.  There is a lot of new Gambol Oak shooting up from the roots since the fire. 

This is the original 360 degree view, with the reverse polar coordinates version above.  The Globe effect is fun but the more I do of these the more I find myself liking the original view.